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This is an app concept I created for Google to help solve the obesity problem in America. There are a lot of fitness apps these days; if Google made this I believe it would be instantly crowned king. Google Fit allows you to scan food and (using the algorithms of Google Images) automatically track caloric intake to your health profile. It is powered by Google Plus, which will give Google Plus users a daily incentive to login.

For more information about the app and project, please view the project PDF below.

Inspired by a recent visit to the MOMA in New York, these abstract figures have subtle traces of both minimalism and cubism in a modern form. Created in Cinema 4D using shapes, deformers and soft lighting. 

Boxi - a vector animation and technology concept

Timothy Preston
Sound + Designer 

Meghann Kennedy

Leah Morris
Administration + Process Book

Jo Lord
Director + Designer + Motion Graphics  

Morgan Klein 
Creative Director + Art Director + Vocals 

Cecilia Li
Assistant Director + Designer + Motion Graphics 

This video was created for the One Show for the Young Ones competition. Boxi allows kids to interact with outside cultures with a combination of safe social media, and hands on activities. Which also allows them to learn about the world thorough a safe environment, while having fun. Our concept incorporates cultures from all around the world, so every child has the opportunity to learn and experience something new and culturally rewarding. 

"Christmas Isn't Real"

Director + Editor  Jo Lord
Designer + Editor  Jackie Doan

Won "Best Narrative Award"
SCAD Comotion 2015

Created and filmed at the Savannah College of Art & Design studio, this stop-motion A21 Campaign ad is a holiday reminder to people around the nation that not everyone is as fortunate as they are. Human trafficking is a real issue around the world today and these children 97% of the time will never celebrate Christmas again. 

A Wedding Film

Director + Cinematography  Jo Lord
Lead Cinematography + Editor  Kyle Edgerly
Cinematography + Editor  Josh Edgerly

Branding Browire

Branding Browire

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