I grew up in a small coastal village in the beautiful state of Maine around a lot of fishermen, hippies and artists. The crisp smell of the ocean and the rolling hills surrounded me with untouched natural beauty; there isn't anywhere like it in the world. Having Acadia as a backyard view, I suppose there was a certain obligation for me to fall in love with art since art and nature are interchangeable to me.

Throughout my youth our family traveled to many states because of my dad’s line of work. I fell in love with discovering new places and going on adventures. Consequently, my junior year of college at the Savannah College of Art & Design was spent traveling through nine countries throughout Europe and the UK.

From my college education came a heightened sense of artistic awareness and a new love for art history and cultures around the world. I've always been a storyteller at heart and had an exciting imagination. SCAD has helped me discover and refine my skill set in visual communication. I majored in Motion Media Design and minored in Advertising. These programs have transformed the way I design as an artist and significantly improved my professionalism. The year before attending college I had an internship in Detroit at a non-profit where I studied volunteer management, leadership, christian theology, photography and media design.

For more than five years I have been a freelance artist providing media solutions, telling visual stories and designing for clients all over the globe. Specifically, I am an expert in Adobe After Effects and fluent in the entire Adobe Creative Cloud. I use Cinema 4D and similar applications that allow me to create three-dimensional life-like reality to include in my story-telling and commercial work. For a detailed list of my skills please refer to my resume.

I consider myself to be very blessed and fortunate. My family is amazing and I have several really incredible friendships. I have been able to attend one of the finest art universities in the world. I may have grown up in the “lower middle class” category, but I never even noticed. I was raised to have a constant mindset of gratitude and thankfulness and this has helped me become a humble person. My life is very fast-paced and changing quickly, but I’ll never forget where I’ve come from or compromise my personal principles. Thank you for wanting to learn more about me and I hope I can meet you one day.