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NBC Universal
A&E Networks


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Over a decade of experience in leadership and design excellence. Extreme attention to detail. Highly organized. System efficiency designer. Constantly challenging the status quo and improving the way things are done. Minimalist in design and lifestyle. Passionate about nonprofits and contributing to social causes.

With experience ranging from stop-motion photography to 3D motion graphics - he has a vast range of mediums he's worked in. This enables his creative direction to push boundaries and deliver unconventional solutions to clients.

His greatest strengths include team leadership and collaboration, commercial photography and videography, infographics, branding, social media strategy and design.


Endorsements —

“Wow! These graphics look awesome, you’re the man!”
— Matt Damon (Actor), July 2016
“Great job on the interview design - I thought it looked amazing!”
— Tim Ferriss (Author), December 2016

"Quick to build what we need"

"Jo, thank you so much... You are quick to build what we need and we greatly appreciate it!"

— Tammy Filler, Co-Executive Producer TODAY


"Very organized and precise..."

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Jo every morning on our broadcast. He is well versed in a variety of graphics programs and is in-tune with the ever-evolving aesthetic of the show. Additionally, Jo is very organized and precise and, at times, Jo will build style guides and manuals to better organize graphic elements within the show. Above all, Jo is a pleasure to work with and has a positive, friendly attitude each morning."

— Neal Carter, NBC News Supervising Producer


"Attention to detail is a coveted asset..."

"Jo Lord is a pleasure to work with. He is very proactive, always finding ways to improve workflow. He then follows through to make sure those changes are implemented. Jo’s attention to detail is a coveted asset as he is relied upon to oversee structured templates for TODAY. His creativity also has proven to be invaluable when designing original elements in the face of tight deadlines."

— Brittany Haviland, TODAY Producer