Jo Lord is a motion media creative director and has designed for the world’s largest brands. His work has been seen by more than 80 million people.



Lifetime requested that I come up with some exciting media to advertise for the National Women's Soccer League championship 2017. I was the art director for the project and lead designer, joined by another talented artist James Lineham. 


A&E Networks


I don't have rights to display the full Lifetime promo on my website, but this is a quick mockup of the frames put together. 

Sometimes going the simple route is the most elegant approach. We found this photo to come to life easily, allowing for a slow - epic - camera move to help build momentum in the piece. 


While we weren't given the most flattering imagery to work with, these women are obviously incredible at their sport... Building the hype for viewers wasn't hard with the right slow motion approach and epic music. 


At first we found this frame to be the most challenging, due to the awkward angle of the players. However, after several attempts with depth of field and trying to blend it together better we finally made magic happen. James really took this frame to the next level when he brought it into Cinema 4D and added that extra life-like dimension. 


This was a great shot to work with, and the audience really looks alive. Shots like these help build a piece and collectively excite the viewer with fast transitions, fast music and epic slowmo clips. 

I've always loved designing sports graphics...

There's a passion in sports fans all over the world that is rare to find while presenting media to an audience. I've always loved creating content for viewers who will be eager to consume and be excited over it. Sports are exciting! I'm thankful to NWSL & Lifetime for this opportunity.